Conference Cup 2013

After a gruelling trip around the M25 on 8th October, I finally arrived at the New Zealand Golf Club to take part in the Conference Cup 2013. As my 2 of my playing partners got stuck on the M25 forever and did not make the T-Time, I ended up playing with Rory Ross Russell and two other lovely gentleman. As Rory was the organiser, we went off last and were rather relaxed and we could not win anyway.

When the starter said to me “I will see you at 7 for Pimms”, I thought he was asking me on a date. It turned out that he was serving Pimms on the 7th and 13th holes. Jolly spiffing it was too.

The golf gradually became more and more relaxed. Needless to say, even if we were not playing with the organiser and could have won something, we would not have done!