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So you are here because you want to know how exactly a telemarketing company could help you overcome some of the business issues you may have. Here’s some suggestions:


Taking the calls coming in

Firstly, you can use a telemarketing agency to handle your in-bound calls. If you don’t have a team that are always available on the phone then this is a perfect solution to make sure you don’t miss any type of enquiry.


Following up on enquiries

If you get enquiries, but don’t follow up quickly enough or they just don’t covert, then you can pass them over to the experts. We can follow up on every single lead with a telephone call. We can qualify them in or out (get rid of the rubbish ones) and book telephone/face to face appointments with those that meet your qualifying criteria. Allowing you to focus on the selling, not the chasing.

Building a targeted marketing list

Data building and cleaning over the phone is an effective way to make sure your marketing efforts is going to the right people. Thus, saving you money! We had an accountancy client that had sent a piece of direct mail to 5,000 people and didn’t have any names to send it to. What a waste of money! Had they met us sooner, we could of built those names for them. It’s really important that from next year you make sure your data is compliant with the new GDPR regulations to avoid a very hefty fine.

Good old fashioned picking up the phone

You may think that cold calling doesn’t work, it does. We recently ran a campaign for an agency in Brighton and generated over 50 leads for their internal team in just one month. People don’t like getting pitched at, but they do prefer a human conversation rather than a sales email.


Allowing you to work on your business not in it

When you spend a lot of time working in your business, you cannot work on growing it. If your responsible for handling all the sales and driving in all of the business, then let us take some pressure off so you can focus on growing your business.


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