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Brian Kilroy
Business Development Manager
BLP ‘insurance’ provides a compelling alternative to the traditional “warranty” route adopted by residential and commercial developers. As we have a very specialist offer, which differs significantly to the established market, it was important to invest in education as well awareness when embarking on our sales campaign. Our marketing effort is comprehensive – for a business of our size we have invested significantly in well targeted markets, media and messaging, however, we needed to follow-up with a more direct approach to generate meetings for our sales team in order to “educate” potential clients as to the inherent benefits. ProComs have been been very effective in helping deliver this. Our account manager is exceptionally well experienced in our industry and has developed an acute understanding of our products and market in a short period of time – his conversion rate far exceeds previous individuals and companies used. I have also been impressed with the feedback from those prospects he has converted into appointments and I am encouraged by the level of enthusiasm to get involved in our business and understand our wider needs. It is important to understand that our sales lead-in time can be extensive so my expectation was not for immediate results but a more progressive process that generates trust and understanding – the last thing we were looking for was a “hard-sell” that would undermine our brand outside of securing a meeting. To date, the results have been very encouraging – we have converted appointments into business and are well underway with many more prospects secured through ProComs.