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Where does telesales fit in the new marketing mix?

As a telemarketing company, we value the use of digital channels to support our own phone efforts and some of our clients are dropping the phone part altogether. We don’t believe that the latter is always the right policy, but it can be cheaper and therefore logical in some instances.

Most clients of ours understand the importance of using telesales and telemarketing and as human beings we recognise it’s nicer to speak to someone over the phone sometimes than be “marketed to”.

Telesales can be an expensive resource to outsource though and finding great salespeople to recruit is no easy task.

How do we incorporate telesales into our digital marketing mix?
There are several digital offerings that we have introduced which include integrations with marketing automation technology and having access to the worlds largest IP address database. Email marketing should not be forgotten either.

Firstly, let’s talk about LinkedIn. There are over 260 million LinkedIn users logging in each month and 61 million of those users are senior level influencers and 40 million of those users are in the decision-making process.

Our LinkedIn offering is one of these digital services and it can be used in conjunction with a telemarketing campaign or as a pure standalone offering.

The idea behind this is that we can use Linked in to send messages and InMail on your behalf using your company/sales/marketing profile. As the most used social media platform amongst Fortune 500 companies can you afford to not be running visitor acquisition and event sales campaigns on this platform?

Messages can be generic but with some personalisation applied so that this does not look like an approach from a robot.

If you fully focus effort on sending LinkedIn messages with some time to think about it and without distractions, you can probably send 20 – 25 per hour. This assumes that you have a target list of course and can go through one after the other. This is time consuming for busy salespeople or marketers who have many other things to do throughout the day and are too tired to get to at night/weekends (apart from the odd maniacs of course).

However, this type of sales orientated campaign requires a lot of outbound effort. Many of us prefer to generate inbound enquiries and leads and spend our budget driving visitors and sales opportunities to our website or landing page.
We know that less than 25% of marketeers are dissatisfied with their current website conversion rates.

What does your web form drop off rate look like? How can you convert a higher percentage of website visits to sales?
The trick is simple but missed by most. If your looking for the right time to make the sales call, or not sure the best people to contact, this is the right time, and these are the right people.

The challenge with this is how to identify the businesses, with their demographic and contact details, real time so that they can be contacted whilst they are still a hot lead. Another of our digital offerings enables us to provide you with this data, setting up real time escalations and triggers, creating lead scores based on your pre-set criteria and then phoning the contacts to either pitch or qualify depending on your internal set up.

Looking directly at an event organiser-based case study there is typically a 20% increase in stand bookings using this tool.

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