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Treat every call like a sales call
This does not mean that you need to go in with a hard sell, in fact quite the opposite. Even if there is no exchange of money or sales objective, treat every call like a sales call. You need to be able to sell yourself as a friendly and trustworthy person, sell the brand you are working on as a respectable and professional brand and more important YOU NEED TO SELL THE BENEFITS OF ATTENDING THE EVENT. If the callers just say something like “I am ringing to organise your FREE ticket there is no value attached to attending and the conversion rates to attend will be low.
Understand the difference in b2b and b2c calling
You need to adapt your style to the person on the phone. If you can tell someone is busy, don’t take up unwanted time but asking them “how are you today?”. Try and use open ended questions where possible, if you ask “Are you coming to the show this year?” and someone replies “No.” it’s difficult to steer the conversation from here. If you ask “What did you think of the show last time you attended?” or “What kind of exhibitors would you like to see at a show like ours?” then you open up meaningful conversations and at worst you will get good feedback.
Do not assume
If you think that because you have a well established event, you don’t need to sell the event into your audience; this couldn’t be further from truth. Events are launching all the time and the industry is very fast paced. If you don’t nurture your audience, do not assume they will stick around.
Forget the word “Gatekeeper” and remember you don’t know who you are talking to!
Try not to assume that the person you’re speaking with cannot help you. Find out who they are and what their role is and don’t talk down to them, they may be the boss!

Being purposely vague is annoying, not effective. Be clear about who you are, why you are calling and why that will be interesting to the prospect.

Regardless of where you are calling from or what you are calling for, you need the person who answers the phone to put you through to the decision maker as that is the biggest challenge we face in telemarketing. A typical B2B contact rate is 20% of calls made and can be as low as 5% in some markets, so you really need to make friends with everyone you speak to.

Also, their primary job function isn’t sitting there waiting for you to call, they have other things to do and they like to do their job well. This means, if you ask for help locating the right person, or ask them if they know if you plan to attend the show this year, the chances are they will do their best to help you and probably have the tools to do so as well.
Throw away your script
We use a script to structure the calls and to get good feedback to a formula but do NOT use it to sound like a parrot. It is critical, to ensure you have a good conversion rate, that you give RELEVENT benefits for attending. You need to focus on having decent conversations and understanding your audience. Listening is key so don’t push irrelevant benefits and features as this will put off a loyal visitor. Instead, ask them questions, listen to the answer and find out what they actually want to know.
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